Cinema of Turkey

The influence and the renown of the Turkish cinema is gradually increasing every day not only in Turkey but also on the film industries of the globe.


The fact that cinema constitutes one of the most effective tools of promotion, influence and conciliation in the world highlights the need to launch international events in order to nourish and increase its effectiveness and power.


Academic Meetings, whose power have been ignored up to date, are designed both to strengthen the artistic, professional and academic facets of the Turkish cinema and to highlight the importance of the Turkish cinema in global academic literature


About the Event

Turkish Cinema International Academic Meetings is realized by EDGE in collaboration with Istanbul University Faculty of Communications and supported by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


The meetings will launch selections comprised of films from different genres and be attended by their directors, producers, screenwriters and performers during their tours across the globe, where global academics, students and industry professionals will be given the opportunity to view the films free of charge.


After the screenings, the creative cadres of the films, academics and students will be invited to seminars and workshops where the academic aspects of the films will be discussed.


Meanwhile, the infrastructure of a platform where film students and academics across the world will meet and be able to hatch collaborative projects will be established.



To strengthen the artistic, professional and academic facets of the Turkish cinema and to highlight the importance of the Turkish cinema in global academic literature in order to give birth to new professional, academic and artistic collaborations toward the establishing of a platform and the foundation of a cinema-related Think Tank.



• To organize meetings that would bring together the Turkish film industry with academics and industry professionals across the globe.

• To initiate exchange programs and collaborative projects between the most established universities of Turkey and the world.

• To create synergies that would motivate both the film industries and the academic circles from these meetings.

• To prove the conciliatory power of cinema in the international platform.

• To cement the groundwork for upcoming meetings that will shape the future of the Turkish cinema.

• To erase certain standing prejudices against Turkey via bringing together prominent actors of the industry and leading academics of the globe.

• To promote the natural plateaux of Turkey to world’s leading producers and to facilitate their possible film enterprises in Turkey.

• To be able to convey the natural, cultural and historic treasures of the geography we live in via the effective language of cinema.

• To promote Turkey as a soaring brand-country of the new wave of cultural tourism.


• To implement an exemplary project about the “cultural promotion” of our country.

• To strengthen the Turkish cinema industry via bringing together its leading actors with the leading brands of the country it visits, as well as other industries that highlight the particular geography.

• To facilitate the meetings of the students of world universities with the Turkish cinema to ensure their contribution and acquaintance with the Turkish cinema when they finally become established filmmakers.

• To consolidate the foundations of a long-lasting lobby that would comprise academics serving as advisors and members of the jury in international festivals and to ensure that the lobby would serve not serve only during festivals but permanently.

• To strengthen the feeling of belonging of Turkish citizens living in the regions where the meetings take place and to encourage them to claim the country-brand that would emerge out of the triumphs of the Turkish cinema.

• To give birth to a permanent and powerful official platform that would serve as a long-lasting link between the Turkish cinema and the world cinema.


Target Audience:

Turkish Cinema International Academic Meetings targets the global public on the national and international scale, from the NGOs to politicians and from the individual to the society; transcending its academic/artistic nature.

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