Though it constitutes the very foundation and the meaning of the term «country cinema» that each country saturates its own cinema with unique flavours and essences, it is equally fascinating to witness the similarities, harmonies and the exchange of influences between different country cinemas.


The Turkish Cinema, from its very start with Fuat Uzkinay’s documentary to the heydays of Yesilcam and to its soaring success in the 2000s with its award-winning arthouse triumphs and its record breaking popular titles, has always been one of the most distinct country cinemas of the world. The brainchild of pioneers such as Sergei Eisenstein, Vsevolod Pudovkin and Dziga Vertov, the Russian Cinema, on the other hand, has been the bed for both the most courageous avant-garde experiments as well as for masterpieces that embody cinema as a vehicle of philosophical contemplation. The harmony between the two country cinemas, the resonance of their very spirits have always been visible throughout their histories. The traces of the influence of Russian Cinema on the Turkish films prevail. Turkey’s award- winning auteurs, especially those of the recent generation don’t hesitate to confess the immense influence of «film philosophers» such as Andrei Tarkovsky on their filmic oeuvre. Meanwhile, the themes of the grand Russian Literary Tradition still echo across the Cinema of Turkey. And most importantly, the masterpieces of each country cinema have the power to fascinate and captivate the hearts of the audiences of the other. In time when the friendship between two nations strengthens and inspiring bonds are being established between two cultures, the Turkish cinema is elated to be a part of one of the most prestigious film festivals of the world; the 37th edition of the Moscow International Film Festival, a grandiose showcase devoted to the power of cinematic arts, a beacon of inspiration that illuminates Eurasia and the world.


The launch of the Cinema of Turkey selection as a part of 37th Moscow International Film Festival signifies the opening of a new era for both countries and their respective film industries. As both industries are nourished by fresh creative minds while raising the standards of film production each year, we know greater endeavours can be possible with the fostering of novel opportunities of co-production.


This is why EDGE CCF’s Cinema of Turkey selection as a part of the 37th Moscow International Film Festival accommodates not only the screenings of spectacular titles but also several side-activities that include specific events aimed at bringing together leading producers of two countries, an exhibition paying homage to the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of the Cinema of Turkey and Q&A Sessions where Russian film lovers will interact with some of the creators of the Cinema of Turkey. Pleased to be hosted by such a distinct geography blessed with a profound artistic and intellectual heritage, we are honoured to greet film lovers who attend the 37th Moscow International Film Festival. With firm belief in the power of cinema in bringing our peoples together, we hope to serve as the agent of ever- extensive, ever-captivating future outings in Russia. Extending our heartfelt gratitude to the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey for their dedicated support in our endeavour to bring Cinema of Turkey together with Russian film lovers as a part of the 37th Moscow International Film Festival, we wish you a happy, successful festival and a pleasing Cinema of Turkey experience.


Elif Dağdeviren

Director, Cinema of Turkey CEO,

Founder EDGE CCF


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